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postcard from j: happy diwali

It’s the remix age. The time for remakes to take centrestage. Can renaming be far behind then? What do I want renamed? DIWALI. Yes, you heard it right. The ‘festival of lights’ has long been dead. So, now I propose to rename it to ‘Awaazwali’ – the festival of noise. Maybe I could drum up support through an online petition. It seems like the in-thing to do anyway.

NOISE RULES. Period. My teenage neighbour lets arrogance get the better of him. Here I am, shouting from my third floor balcony at about 11:00 pm telling him to stop bursting those ear-splitting festival crackers. The only person going crackers is me and probably the 90-year old lady from the adjoining building. I have an article to write and my brain only works late at night, thanks to the few golden moments of silent bliss. My article is not even in outline form.

First and foremost, the boy and his co-conspirators have violated the deadline set for bursting crackers (and other assorted noise). In a circular of the housing so…

postcard from j: baby boom

2006 is turning out to be a year of babies. Everywhere I look, I see someone I know expecting a baby. And recently, in the space of one week, I visited three newborn bundles of innocence :) born to first-time parents...

And some more are on the way...

Good Luck to all the parents and to these beautiful bachhas!