Sunday, January 31, 2010

Think About It (1)

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I love quotes... And I love quoting them. So, once in a while, I will publish a quote that I find interesting, poignant or inspirational. Here goes the first in my "Think About It" series. Hope you like it...

"When life is pulling you down, seek inspiration from the duck – calm and cool on the surface but paddling furiously beneath to keep afloat." *

*Thanks to HNatarajan for posting this quote. I hope we all can emulate the duck.

Have a great week ahead, folks!


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Some days just bring you down!

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Today, I came in to work with much optimism. I don't know why or how that happened - could be a good night's sleep, waking up to a lovely morning, and the unexpectedly pleasant weather we're having in Mumbai these days. 2010 was beginning to feel great. Or I thought it did.

But the rest of the morning left me blank. B-L-A-N-K. One email is all it took to ruin my optimism, to dampen my reviving spirit. And no, I am not shocked by what I read. In fact, I expected it all along, but maybe that hint of optimism (that I disguise in my overt pessimism) left me taking it for granted that some things might never happen.

All this sounds vague. And I'm sorry for that, dear reader. But I can't disclose what has actually transpired that I need to vent here. I just had to find an outlet for saying all this. I couldn't bring myself to do anything for a good couple of hours post that email. I stared at the screen trying to get my day started, hoped for a major distraction to come my way, even stepped out of the office and spent a few minutes alone in a quiet corner where no one could find me. Damn, even lunch was mechanical today. And all I could type on Twitter was "Breathe!" That's the last thing I told myself as I read that email hours ago after almost picking up my bag and deciding to go home.

Dear D,
I don't know what triggered your email. And the reason is not even important.

 When I saw the subject line, I felt a strange feeling coming over me and crossed my fingers hoping it was a forward or a joke. Alas, it was what I expected and have been dreading for a long time. I couldn't bring myself to talk to you because I was livid and sad at the same time. I may not be able to fully explain why I'm angry about this, but I'm sure you understand.

You are an inspiration and a great friend to have. I count myself lucky to have known you. I wish you well in your quest. And hope your dreams become a reality.


PS: The first website I checked today was this. Ironic! And the image above has one of my favourite quotes... this one's for you!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Seven-year itch?

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About 4-5 days ago, on January 20th to be precise, I accomplished a milestone of sorts: seven years of work experience. And on January 8th, I had completed three years at my current workplace which has been my single longest tenure anywhere.*

I'm not a job-hopper, mind you. First job: 1 year, 8 months. Second: 2 years, 3 months, 23 days...

That's not so bad, right? But as I completed my third year at Company no. 3, I heard a little voice inside that's asking me to get out and do something. Something new, different, creative, wild even. No, that didn't include looking for another job. But more on the lines of a "sabbatical." Our parents' generation would shudder at the idea of one after "only" seven years of working. They probably don't even know the "s" word exists in the dictionary considering their long-serving stints working at one and the same place.

So, am I taking a longggggg break? Hell, no! Not at this stage at least. But I yearn for change. And definitely a change of scene. A change of heart. Change for the better.

And what are the changes, one may ask? For starters, I am going to pursue two goals - travel and photography - with more dedication. Second, I have got to spend less and save more money in order to fulfill the above two goals :)

Yes, it is the seven-year itch... but an itch to live more fully. To quote a Twitter friend's advice: "Live!! Because the wind still blows; because the rain still falls; because it's never too late; because someone still cares; because you want to."

Wish me luck, folks!


*PS: Forgot to add that these three years have been challenging, yet extremely enriching. Thanks to NA and the rest of the team for making it worthwhile. Cheers!

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