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For Tony

8 JUNE 20184.57 PM: It's Friday, and I am looking at my to-do list and hoping the day gets done soon. That I get to go home and enjoy the start of another weekend. One of the WhatsApp groups buzzed.
"Anthony Bourdain is dead. Shite."
I was the first to reply.
And then I started to Google with a strange mix of anxiety and sadness. Say it wasn't true.
Bourdain was gone. 61 years young. It was surreal. 
I pinged D but knew he would be asleep as he was working the night shift. Gawd, D will be devastated to wake up to this news. My mind was racing. Bourdain would feature in our conversations often over the years and I didn't know anyone who was a bigger fan of the chef-turned-storyteller. Still can’t believe it.
People were shocked but I was in another zone. My hands had turned cold and my brain was blank. What the hell had just happened? That it was by suicide was equally perplexing. And very very very heartbreaking. 
Here are some random con…