Friday, April 08, 2005

postcard from j: in remembrance

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pope john paul II
1920 - 2005
"eternal rest grant unto him, oh lord
and let perpetual light shine upon him."
may his soul rest in peace.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

postcard from j: what men want

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men think its quite a task to understand women and to know what we want. but here's an attempt to figure out what men want...

still reading? a long time ago, i had registered on some site which proudly proclaimed of trying to make the world a smaller place. as with most things on the internet, i registered and promptly forgot about it. till one day, i re-discovered an email from them. with a 'lets go check it out' attitude, i added some details about myself and for timepass, updated some stuff for the local dating section. and forgot about it again. days later, i check my inbox and whoa! what do i have in my junk mail folder??? about 25-odd emails from boys/men (call them what you want) asking to get in touch with them. initially, i was pissed reading some of them and hit the delete button faster than the speed of light. then i came across some absolutely hilarious ones...meaning some guys could actually attempt writing like that to a girl. here are some samples {pun intended, bambaiya style}:

Hi! Myself 25,Single,Highly Educated, Software Engineer By Profession,Staying Alone in Mumbai. Open Minded,A Bit Aggressive,Bit Risky,Bit Daring,Bit OutSpoken & Loves To Talk Straight. Someone Who Believes in Values. Yet Always Loved By The Best In The Business !!!! Gals Say I M Handsome!! Babes Say I M Sexy !! Women Say I M Hot !!!!!! N Everybody Say I M Just Lovable.......Would u like to be my friend?? Then do get back at will wait for ur reply. [~j~: had me in splits]

hi miss i am a Professional..... working in a Reliance infocomm Ltd ,,,,,,,,, looking for a girlfriend who must be ambitious and Caring..................... You Can also mail me at [~j~: ambitious and caring? what's that again?]

I am S, working @ Mumbai as a game developer. Movies, musics, travelling are my interests. I like to have new friends, so if you are interested in the same please reciept me with ur mail. Hope u wont deny me, regards, S [~j~: hope i won't deny him??? what? his daily bread???]

hello swati i am Nilesh from mumbai would u like to be my friend? if yes than reply me soon or call me on my cell 9### bye nilesh [~j~: who the hell is swati? didn't even get my name right, lol]

hmm...what would we women do without these wonderful men and their priceless wisdom?

ps: some names and all email ids have been changed to protect the stupidity and ignorance of those quoted.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

postcard from j: a sense of blogging

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aargh! just coming to terms with this whole blogging experience...

i've been tearing my hair apart since i put up my last postcard.
being technically duh, i got all frantic at not seeing the last post. Ranju said she could see it and Thakkar, well, he was kind enough to lend some tech support to moi via yahoo messenger . some of his IT gyan did work, but i'm still lost. the price one pays to be a novice, i guess!

just trying to belong, oops blog...

postcard from j: home truths

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for a long time now, i've been thinking, nay, contemplating moving out of my parents' know, all that jazz about being on my own two feet, learning to live and fend for myself...

yes, it sounds rosy, but the emotions and decisions that go with the whole idea are clouding my mind. parents don't seem to think its a particularly good idea. which parent in india would? In fact, ma says that if i want to move out, "you should get married and go, and do whatever you want." kinda silly response, if you ask me. i've come across many of my friends who are thinking on the same lines, yet it is so difficult to just up and leave. physically, mentally and emotionally, it is unnerving. plus the whole rigmarole of finding a place, having to fork out the moolah for it, and then sticking to your guns no matter what can be a major letdown.

at first, i couldn't even get myself to voice aloud what i really wanted...i was beginning to despair that i'm never gonna have a space to call my own...that it would all remain a distant dream. till i displayed the occasional flash of brilliance. i told ma that i wanted to "invest" in property, and that i had seen a cute little place which was in the same locality and it was not very expensive and that i could afford it with a home loan...and, whew! just got it all out from my system. felt good. and ma? she thought it was a good idea.

so, atleast now, i can imagine, with a degree of reality, of a space to call my own, being on my own two feet, learning to live and fend for myself..

cheers to that :)

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