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Insomnia Express

For some unexplained reason, I've been wanting to blog all day. Write a few lines at the very least. Or at least cheat with some pictures on the photo blog (which needs to be revived). But NOTHING.

It's well past 3 AM and I am still wide awake. Dammit. Reading (or trying to read) as many things being thrown at me by the world wide web*! And you know where that leads you... Straight into insomnia hell. Well, I think I'll just go back to reading and dreaming of that next holiday.

Okay, enough. Thanks for stopping by. :)


*PS: National Geographic Traveller India has some great content, by the way. Their social pages on Facebook and Twitter are constantly pushing out features which are quite refreshing. Just thought you should know, especially if you love travel! #NotASponsoredMessage

Heartbreak Warfare

It takes very little to break one's heart, no? 

Watching your favourite cricketer stranded on 99 or some such significant milestone. Having your best friend back in the city after years of her being away only to know she's moving further away. Being unable to relate to friends with husbands/wives and now, babies. Losing out on travel opportunities because you put others' interests ahead of your own. Meeting the man of your dreams only to realise he's already taken. Or in the process of being taken. And you have to be supportive about it because he is also the friend you can't lose. 

Indeed, it takes very little.

PS: Don McLean's American Pie plays in my head as I type this. Only because: "... I know that you're in love with him/ 'Cause I saw you dancin' in the gym/ You both kicked off your shoes/ Man, I dig those rhythm and blues.../ I was a lonely teenage bronckin' buck/ With a pink carnation and a pickup truck/ But I knew I was outta lu…