Monday, March 28, 2005

postcard from j: life's a bitch

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8:46 am churchgate slow - damn! i only manage a "fourth" seat.

just when i was hoping to get a better seat, two pretty young things decided to bitch about this and that. now, how could i have moved from that vital spot?

first, i thought they were from a south mumbai b-school bitching about some babe who did a brilliant presentation, but that didn't count. after all, she was the bitch! as they started taking names, realization dawned on me that they were actually talking about 'the apprentice' - the reality tv show where donald trump eventually hires one of the participants to head one of his many businesses for a year. i had seen the first season, and liked it too. the second season was a bit of a bore, i thought! so, haven't even bothered to catch a single episode. coming back to the two women, they went on to express their opinions on 'indian idol'; how amit sana (i think he rocks) was a more deserving winner as he had an original voice, and "wah! what range he has" considering he was from a "gaon" (yeah! that's the elitist in them kicking in). oh! and how could they have forgotten poor old jassi - "you know she looked better before. and you know she wants to be india's top model...eewww!" "really? i didn't know that. but i think she's looking ok now." and so on and so forth...

indian television certainly has tongues wagging these days...its no longer the day and age of chhayageet and nukkad. saas-bahu dramas, licensed adaptations of spanish/mexican/other assorted tube fare, reality shows make our daily dose of entertainment.

what has not changed though is the bitching - in the serial plots, in the industry, among viewers...

nice to see some things never change or go out of fashion!

Sunday, March 27, 2005

postcard from j: an easter beginning

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whew! finally made it to the blogworld...

hello, hi, namaskaar, aloha, bonjour
this is your friendly neighbourhood, uh-umm...blame it on writer's block. well, i'm here out of curiosity, and on the insistence of my good friend Ranju ( who gives me the impression that blogging is good for the soul - allows one a platform to express, complain, boast, ramble, get Ranju, thanx a ton!

easter brings with it the promise of new beginnings and new life. well, my journey here has begun! gotta keep myself motivated enough to post regularly. a very close friend of mine, Sharon, begins a new chapter in her life - she and her sister moved back to their old home after it was reconstructed.

here's to bright spring sunlight, sparkling fresh mornings, and many beautiful moments. stole that from a hallmark e-card. what? blame it on writer's block! atleast, i'm being honest.

keep smiling!

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