Sunday, March 27, 2005

postcard from j: an easter beginning

whew! finally made it to the blogworld...

hello, hi, namaskaar, aloha, bonjour
this is your friendly neighbourhood, uh-umm...blame it on writer's block. well, i'm here out of curiosity, and on the insistence of my good friend Ranju ( who gives me the impression that blogging is good for the soul - allows one a platform to express, complain, boast, ramble, get Ranju, thanx a ton!

easter brings with it the promise of new beginnings and new life. well, my journey here has begun! gotta keep myself motivated enough to post regularly. a very close friend of mine, Sharon, begins a new chapter in her life - she and her sister moved back to their old home after it was reconstructed.

here's to bright spring sunlight, sparkling fresh mornings, and many beautiful moments. stole that from a hallmark e-card. what? blame it on writer's block! atleast, i'm being honest.

keep smiling!

7 Replies:

Ranju said...

All the best, J!
and yes, Happy Easter :D

Arun said...

Happy Easter...........J...??? !!!!

sush said...

Wats a blog??

Wat all things u sign up to!!! Rama rama..

anyway ... good luck for ur journey..... hope u drop in sometime.

Anonymous said...

all the best j :) n a happy ester to u

Thakkar said...

Bonjour Madamoiselle,
Happy easter and Happy holi!

Happy Blogging, welcome to the brotherhood (sisterhood ?? ) :D :D


brijesh said...

I have been hoping to blog for a long time now; let me hope your continuous bloggin can inspire me ;)

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