Thursday, October 13, 2005

postcard from j: blog, sweat and tears

A storm is brewing in the Indian blogosphere. And the winds have finally got my brain out of the freezer.

Its no longer JAM Magazine versus IIPM. Its Bloggers versus IIPM. Much like the Super Series between Australia and ICC World XI. However, this promises to be a much more exciting affair. At the heart of the controversy is JAM's expose on IIPM's tall claims in their ads. When Gaurav Sabnis blogged about it, he got slapped with a legal notice for allegedly defaming the Arindham Chaudhari-run institute. Meanwhile, Rashmi's blogpost was inundated with obscene comments about her sexual preferences. Gaurav, on the other hand, took a courageous stand to defend his opinion and quit his job at IBM when he learnt that IIPM students had threatened to burn laptops supplied by IBM. He did not want his employer to be dragged into murky waters.

All this has not gone down too well with the blogging community who view this as a violation of our fundamental right to speech. And rightly so! Personally, I do not know much about IIPM's infrastructure or methodology. But their advertisements do leave many questions unanswered. And if a bunch of blogposts can irk them enough to slap legal notices to all and sundry, then something surely seems amiss.

After all, as a popular Hindi phrase goes, "chor ke daadi mein tinka". Is it a case of guilty conscience?

3 Replies:

Anonymous said...

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Darth Midnightmare said...

Yeah. Noticed your comment on desipundit also....

Gaurav is an alum of IIML.....damn, we're proud of that :-). And yes, once you know the details of the story, you realise just how stupid IIPM has been in the entire far a few people (MBA-aspirants) knew about how big a fraud the Institute the whole of Blogsphere knows...and the mainstream media is also getting in on the people who had never even heard of IIPM, now know that it exists and that it is a fraud....Hmmm......nice going, I must say :-)


PS: Is the low blogging frequency intentional??

wooster said...

all said and done, nobody seems to be highlighting the obvious decision of the print media to stay away from this tussle!

just tells us how spineless media can get when it comes to ad revenue! typical 'Page 3' type! and my assumption is IIPM didnt quite advertise in indian express much, hence their foray into the contorversy.

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