Friday, October 28, 2005

postcard from j: love in the time of...

Found this on Naukri's HR news:

HR Headlines (Oct 15 '05 - Oct 21 '05)
Does Your Company Give You A Dating Allowance?

The latest trend in the corporate world is issuing dating allowance to employees. This is done to encourage inter-personal relationships and even nuptials within the organisation. According to Mr Sanjeev Kataria, group executive VP, NIIT, "The philosophy behind the initiative is to show that the company wants to participate in the lives of its employees. We take on the role of the family and help the employee move to the next phase of his or her life, which is marriage." There is also a practical reason behind the initiative. As per adman Mr Prahlad Kakkar, "With high-pressure jobs, employees spend a lot of time together. They are thus attracted to each other, so this does make sense."

Source: 18 Oct' 05 The Times of India New Delhi Edition

When I read this, I fell off my chair laughing! I mean, if my employer were to give me a dating allowance to date someone within the company itself, I really would not have much choice than to return the allowance back to where it belongs. Kyonki... date date pe likha hoga employee ka naam.

2 Replies:

Darth Midnightmare said...

Hmm....wonder whaty would happen if IIMs began that practise... Wonder if we'd ever be sober ;-)....Naah.... :D

wooster said...


let my company do that & i can think of a zillion places to look than in office :p

company wants to take the employee to the next level of relationship. now is the allowance restricted to singles alone? :) *wicked grin*

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