Sunday, October 16, 2005

postcard from j: fasting, feasting!

Warning: The images you are about to view in this postcard are not recommended for hardcore vegetarians or those serious on shedding some extra kilos.

Friday 14th October 2005 - Mayura, Iden, Madhu and I decided to descend on Mohammad Ali Road after work to check out the delicacies laid out during the evenings in the holy month of Ramzan. The Muslim community break their fast by sundown and the array of food served in this locality is mind-boggling. From meaty portions of kababs, kaleji, bheja and other assorted fare to absolutely incredible desserts like phirnee, malpua and aflatoon, it is a food route worth your time and money.

Feast For The Senses

What was more praiseworthy is that, even among the milling crowds, we never once felt out of place or uncared for or despised at. In true review style, here are my ratings:

Chicken Something Ummmm...

Food - 9/10
Non-Vegetarians, this is ONLY for you. I liked the seekh kabab and baida roti. The phirnee in clay bowls was yummy; I parcelled some for home with some aflatoon, which was out of this world. The malpuas looked inviting, but we were already quite full. Suggestion: Go on an empty stomach.

Service - 7/10
The constant yelling can get on your nerves, but it kinda grows on you too. Heard one guy calling out "Come Inside, Come Inside..." to which we broke into giggles.

Pricing - 9/10
Value for money most of the time. Just remember your local sensibility. Don't behave like an NRI, or else you might have to shell out some serious moolah unnecessarily.

Hygiene - 4, no 3... hmm, maybe 3.5/10
Errr... never mind, but if you can survive pani-puri by the gutters, then this is far more hygienic.

Ambience - 10/10
Yes, its crowded, terribly crowded but this is probably Bombay's only true open-air roadside food extravaganza.

Besides the food, we checked out the other stalls that were put up - selling everything from burkhas to skull caps, from dates to toys, from religious CDs to jewellery. Which reminds me of the 2-3 dazzling bangle stalls we stopped at. Mayura & I picked some.

Wrist Choice

Then we went our separate ways, with a satisfied stomach and better still, a happier heart.

PS: All pictures appearing on this postcard are courtesy my new digicam the Nikon 5900 5.1 Megapixel. Yay!

8 Replies:

Srinath Rao said...

ha ha JC.. shopkeeper shoputing "come inside" "come inside" - now that deserves a sidhu style laughter :=) so here it goes... uh ha ha ha ha, oye bas kar yaar :=)

wow the dishes seem to be awesome yaar, mouth watering indeed.. how I wished I were non veg ! I felt the same way all the 2 yrs that I was in malaysia especially during the ramzan months :=) I tried to become one too but found it very difficult to do so :-(


wooster said...

being a veggie, it was the desserts that caught my eye :-) can so well picture the scene! encore! encore!

and the last line sure raised an eyebrow :-) more portraits from the Coolpix 5900 please!

Darth Midnightmare said...

Hmmm....lotsa veggies too... Being in Lucknow makes it Hellish that's famous for the kebabs in any case...and at this time of the year, all you seem to find is non-veg delicacies...and yep, the 5900 is a cool model :-).

~j~ said...

@Sri, Wooster & Mike - I'm beginning to wonder why only the veggies are reading my blog. Mystery solve karna padega :D

Even Ranju is a veggie *sigh*

Yeah, the 5900 Coolpix is... well, cool :) It might just make me a regular blogger!

jive said...

cool digicam !!!

Darth Midnightmare said... a way this is quite hilarious (the veggies being the only ones commenting on this post). Quite a bit like the fact that women are the only ones that commented on my last Mars post :D. (Yes, the satire continues ;-) )

Anonymous said...

nice one.. Enjoyed reading!!!
Veggies have no place in the world; it is difficult to survive!!

shafique said...

Dear jaywalk!!!!

Liked it; enjoyed reading.



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