Friday, December 09, 2005

postcard from j: kuch sawaal

To wonder is not just the domain of a wide-eyed child, right? Here are some questions that I've been contemplating upon:

* Why is Tanisha dressed like a slut in that candyfloss of a movie? And why is she still being referred to as Kajol's kid sister?

* Were the semi-finals of Nach Baliye rigged? How can Varun forget his steps? Why did they have the judges voting ONLY today?

* Why is Abhishek Bachchan getting hotter by the day? [Get THE video here.]

* When is the Big B going to be back on his feet? And will he still endorse Chyawanprash and Hajmola?

* Is Anjalli Gupta guilty or will she be another victim of the system?

* What the hell is going on in the Indian Parliament, BCCI and in Saurav Ganguly's brain?

* Will India beat Sri Lanka in the upcoming second Test? Aur Sehwag ka kya hoga?

4 Replies:

Vaibhav said...

1. Who else but a kid would be dumb enough to dress like that??

2. Yes, they were. and He sold out to the big evil, ratings hungry TV channel.

3. Its the facial hair.

4. Yes, and yes. Its all about the money. (see ans 2)

5. Don't know, but here's a question.. would you have asked that if it was a guy?

6. Politics, Politics, and whatever comes after that.

7. No, It will be a Draw. and Ladka.

Nice blog...


Vaibhav said...
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Vaibhav said...

I just realised I have missed out subsection 3 of question 2. But its only because Ihave never seen the show ever and hence might not be accurate.

and i also just realised that i misread subsection 1 of question 4. The correct answer is "Yesterday"... though I will accept humbly if that isn't counted.

Srinath Rao said...

1)a) I never saw tanisha's dress in the movie. if those fabrics are called dress than may be I am still living in stone age :=)
1)b) that is her only way to glory apart from exposing..

2) yes, he was made to forget it, that's reality show for u.

3) we all will also start to get hotter by the day come february :=)

4) I hope he does, I hope he not only endorse chyawanprash & hajmola but also used them..

5) no clue, yes.

6) anything, something, nothing :=)

7) yes, kuch nahin will play ahmedabad test with a fear of having to sit out for ever :=)


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