Friday, December 02, 2005

postcard from j: southern sojourn

Since I've been bereft of ideas for a post on Mangalore, my native place, I've decided to put up this poem (if that's what you wanna call it!) I wrote on the trip for my office newsletter. Plus, I really want to get back to proper blogging and that I can do ONLY after I've put down something about the entire trip. One problem though - I need a title for this, so all you creative minds out there, please put your thinking caps on and HELP ME!

4004 destinations galore
But I chose Bangalore and Mangalore.
Packed my bags and away I went,
Ten days of fun and time well spent.

Welcomed by a wet Garden City,
I was hoping the rain would have some pity
And let me have a chance to explore
The myriad facets of Bangalore.

From architectural splendours of Tipu's Palace
To rickshaw-wallahs who seem so callous;
Then gorging on biryani at The Biryani Merchant
And Death By Chocolate at the Corner House tent.

An encounter with a 'live' dinosaur on hydraulics
Was just perfect for the Bangalorean mix.
Add to it, meeting friends old and new
And book hunting at Blossom's to cheer me through.

Moving to Mangalore, my ancestral land -
Where nature abounds untouched by human hand.
Among familiar faces and country cousins,
I revelled in all the attention.

Simplicity and old world charm
Kept me at peace with no alarm.
Savouring the tastes of homemade food,
Fish curry and rice never tasted so good.

Light and shade played hide-n-seek
At the Thousand Pillar Temple for the devout meek.
Made a wish at St. Lawrence's Miracle Pond
And saw Bahubali look down with memories fond.

Days trickled into hours and hours into minutes.
My vacation soon became a collection of vignettes.
Back in the urban jungle of Bombay
Finding 4004 hours to fit into a normal day!

© ~j~

4004 is a reference to my organization called 4004 Inc. There! Now stop wondering!

3 Replies:

Arun said...

4004 Inc.... is that actually the name of your organisation....

Title for your Poem, Journey to the native land and back ....


4004-Bangalore-Mangalore-4004 Superfast,

Or the Journey from 4004 to Bangalore to Mangalore to 4004.


A tale of 1 city and one Native place and 1 workplace

Work and the City

2 cities, a vacation and a workplace.

Namma urru Banglurru, Manglurru. 4004ru

I think I should start my own, Poem Title Making Blog or somthing like that...


Let me know if even one single effort of mine was worth it, even for a thought.

Maybe.... inspiration.



wooster said...

when worded simple, its so much easy to understand! thank god you are not like those other "poets" :p

nice to see the episode do a full circle & end up in mumbai :)

i just run against a wall thinking of a title, so wont tax my synapses much :) the photos speak louder :)

here's to more trips!

Darth Midnightmare said... about "The Townie's Trip to the Hinterlands"
or "Rural Lands Through an Urban Lens"

OK, those were just cracks at Bangaloreans (They hate it when I call it a village ;-) )

How about just calling it, "Fleeting Love"


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