Monday, August 22, 2011

Down memory lane

I had a few ideas for a couple of posts - one definitely on Rahul Dravid's batting prowess over this past weekend in the 4th Test (or rather what this amazing cricketer means to me), and the second which was more personal about friendship and its changing nature. Over the weekend though, I couldn't do any writing as the Saturday was spent in rest (which is a good thing, no?) and Sunday was crazy with packing up all my stuff to shift into the neighbouring flat as we're getting some basic fixes and painting started tomorrow. It was bloody painful packing and moving stuff around. And worse when you end up with sixteen bags of your things. Yes, sixteen, belonging to just one individual - ME. 

Time to de-clutter? Hell, yeah!
In the process of all this packing and sorting, I did get quite nostalgic as I came across certain items which brought back a rush of memories. Maybe I should've snapped some photos of those things so I could've added them here... but hey, I wasn't planning on writing this post. And most of my posts in this #ABC have been written as soon as I open the Blogger editor - a very stare-at-a-blank-page-and-write kinda random approach. 

So anyway, I did tweet about those things that made me feel so many emotions with a hashtag #housecleanup (sadly, if you search this tag a few days later, none of the tweets will show)... Here's a list of those

# Scraps of paper with Dravid's scores from Australia/New Zealand series in 2003-04. No internet access at home meant keeping my own records of his scores.
# My school's 'red house' badge that used to be pinned to the tie. Awww! I think it should go onto my office lanyard which has various pins on it.
# Found two ancient cameras. One's a Yashica Kyocera DX, and the other's a Minolta Pocket Autopak 430Ex. The latter is a mystery. Don't even know how it was in our home. Must do some research on it. Also, must check if they are in working condition.
# An Atomic Kitten CD. I think it was a prize from a radio or newspaper contest. Hahaha! 
# Really bad poetry scrawled in old class notes by me out of sheer boredom during some post-grad diploma lectures. Will try and publish on the blog sometime. And you've been warned - it's really awful. :D
# Tons of paper clippings from the time I was unemployed - job openings, career advice, even entire classifieds sections, etc. Humbling experience. And a lot of them were call center vacancies - the boom was on then.
# An Anthology of American Literature (1890-1965). Poetry by Emily Dickinson, Robert Frost, Ezra Pound and more... Also, plays like The Glass Menagerie. A book that was rescued from my grand-aunt's place when they did a house revamp years ago. Something about it keeps drawing me back to it.


There was more stuff discovered. Maybe I'll do a follow-up post - when we're shifting back - of things that may not be saved. I seriously need to de-clutter. I mean, sixteen bags! Insane, right? Time to leave memory lane and get on the road to minimalism!


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Lobotrix said...

Funny because my sister and I were just doing a pack up session at home yesterday evening and I realised that I have 3 boxes full of books. I have loads of similar rubbish hoarded over years. I still have the postcards of actors, including Salman Khan from his 'Maine Pyar Kiya' days and a folder I used in college, decorated with all my favorite stars :) Milind Soman (sigh!)and the likes

And your poetry? Can't be worse than mine :P

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