Saturday, August 13, 2011

So much to do...

01. Call the clinic for an appointment with the orthopaedic specialist.
02. Get a portable lightweight but powerful torch (especially for lighting up the dreaded 'shortcut' path while leaving office at night.
03. Contemplate getting hair cut short. Like really short.
04. Go back to self-made vow of 'no shopping for 6 months unless it's a life and death situation'. And no, books from Flipkart do not fall in this category.
05. Plan a TV show marathon with the old gang.
06. Plan an outing with team from work. Go bowling maybe?
07. Trips to Wai and Jejuri. Must make them happen by September.
08. Read poetry. Finish unfinished books and magazines.
09. Eat less junk and more vegetables. Sleep more and sleep well.
10. Make more travel plans, but with complete focus.

Make no mistake. This list is not complete and by no means, definitive. After all, "so much to do, so little is done".


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