Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ankle rankle

Terribly upset. In fact, I even burst into tears for a few seconds before being threatened by sounds of some night creatures. I had left office pretty late and as usual, took the shortcut to the main gate where the bus/rikshaw stands are.

Now this shortcut is no ordinary route. It's basically a minute away from the building, and you have to walk on an upward slope till you reach a stupid staircase (leading to a residential building nearby), walk across it, and find a makeshift metal staircase that is uneven. If it rains a bit, and if it's late at night, the route can be scary. Not so much for the aforementioned creatures lurking in the overgrown shrubbery around. But because it's uneven, dark (no lights at all), strewn with small sharp rocks sticking out of nowhere, and yes, the general hissing and chirping of nocturnal creatures (ok, they do scare me a bit).

Coming back to what upset me... I had taken the shortcut knowing fully well that it was fraught with these dangers. But I find it increasingly tough to judge my step on this stupid route, moreso now after this ankle strain that I've been carrying for 2 months. My shoe - yes, the same bloody right ankle one - hit a rock and it felt like hell for those few moments. I cried. Alone. Thought of turning back to the office. Or take the longer route. Or call a colleague to come down and help me. Brain was frozen and I just decided suddenly to continue forward. Managed down the metal stairs, and thankfully found a rikshaw there itself. He even agreed (God bless the kind soul!).

Now I will just *have to* see an orthopaedician. No two ways about it. :(

PS: And to think my foot was feeling absolutely fine this morning. :(


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Lobotrix said...

uh oh! i don't know why you would take such a route. Hope the ankle is feeling much better now.. flats till they heal! :)

~j~ said...

Lo! The only other option for me is to leave office with the office bus. But that ain't gonna happen. Plus I prefer going late because I have less traffic to deal with post-9pm.

What's the point of leaving office at 6 and reaching home at 9?

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