Monday, August 29, 2011

Breaking a myth

The following conversation happened one morning last week on the office shuttle*:

Colleague (sitting behind me and pointing to my hand): What book is that?
Me: *shows the cover of the book without saying a word*

Colleague (surprised look): Oh! Why this?
Me: Why not?
Colleague: Yeah, why not.
Me: *smiles*

After a full 60 seconds, as if hit by a brainwave but still a little puzzled...

Colleague: Are you getting married to a Hindu?
Me: Bwahahahahahahahahaha... :D

* Shuttle = a mini bus that ferries us from the railway station to the office in the mornings, and the other way around in the evenings.

PS: Let me know if *this* font looks better with the blog. Fonts are the only thing bothering me about this blog template.


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