Tuesday, August 09, 2011


The ubiquitous black-and-yellow autorickshaws in Mumbai are a favourite subject of mine. We love them, we hate them, we argue with their drivers who refuse fares, we curse the ones which splash us with muck, and then we thank an assortment of deities as the rickshaws here are still a blessing as compared to other Indian cities. So I thought of putting together a specific series of posts dedicated to the three-wheelers that help keep my city ticking. It's called Rick-rolled! Yes, the name's inspired by a crazy internet meme which I learnt about a few months ago, courtesy Twitter - my current source of knowledge, current affairs and whatnot.

Have you ever been rickrolled? Basically, it's when someone entices you to view something on the internet, and then the link turns out to a video of Rick Astley's debut single Never Gonna Give You Up.

Anyway, I'm doing something totally different here. See:
Touch me? Hawww!


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