Monday, August 08, 2011


I had started on a post last night, but got distracted for a few minutes and the brother shut down the laptop without telling me. Grrr. 

Anyway, there's no time to really write a proper post today, and this week is going to be super hectic. I can already feel it. Add to it, I've just been told that I might have to come in to work on Sunday 14th August because we are short-staffed that day (we work in the 'live' sports space so we're pretty much 24x7). Usually, I don't have a problem with pitching in. But this upcoming weekend also happens to be one of the rare 3-day weekends on account of our Independence Day holiday on Monday, 15th August. I was planning to run off to Pune, visit a temple town called Wai which has been on the cards since forever, and basically just chill out. 

Sigh! All plans under a cloud now. On that note, happy Monday to you.


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