Thursday, August 04, 2011

Thursday thoughts

Thursday writer's block, eh?

Lo and Di haven't written post #4 yet. And it looks like we are either busy or bereft of ideas. I'm definitely suffering from both. And I have no clue what to write today. Every morning, I think *this* might make a good topic, or *that* absolutely needs to go on the blog. But neither this nor that makes it because there are too many things to do at the same time. And it's so bloody difficult to write with this ABC sword hanging over my head.

It's really funny though... Two people whose blogs I really enjoy reading (and who had gone quiet for their own reasons) showed up on my Google Reader yesterday/today. Surprise, surprise! Here they are:

That's What She Says. I've known F since our church youth group days, and her writing is refreshing and inspiring. She's now a mum to an adorable little fella, and also turned British (How could you, F? :P) and I'm hoping she finds some time to capture her new experiences regularly for us.

DeeSeelicious. It's really strange how I've come to know DeeSee. I accidentally discovered his blog through someone else's tweet (I think) when he still published it with his real name. Then I accidentally came across his profile on Facebook and we had mutual friends. Still early days on social media, so I wrote to him saying I liked his blog or something. (FB has deleted those messages, so can't trace much). That was that. And a little over a year later, he actually 'friended' me on FB and also got onto the Twitter bandwagon. He's funny, a great guy to hang out with, has a sexy voice which the ladies will vouch makes them go weak in the knees, and an absolute sweetheart who'll even call at 3 AM to drive your blues away.*

So, here's wishing both these nice folks the best with blogging and life itself. Rock on!

*PS: DeeSee - you owe me big time for this matrimonial advertisement. :P

** I was going to leave this post untitled but had to update it with one as I realised today the 'comments' module doesn't show up without a title. Hmmm... Learnt something new today.


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