Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday Fiction

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I've been meaning to write something this month, but so much has happened since June. The brother got engaged (wedding's just 4 months away!) and work is a little too hectic at the moment. So, instead of doing a random post, here's something I wrote as part of a future assignment for DD's Travel Writing Bus. It's based on a theme we were given and it's supposed to be longer (got stuck and haven't been able to rewrite since). I'll aim to write from scratch if I can't add to it. As always, feedback is welcome.


We drove in silence. The darkness outside was strangely comfortable. He placed his hand on my knee.

"It will be ok. Don't worry."
"Hmm..." I drifted off again.
"What's on your mind now?"

I noticed he had taken a detour. 'Great! Now he wants to talk.'

But silence again. Suddenly, he pulled over to the side of the path. Where are we? I turned to ask, "Wha-" and there! His hands hold up my face.
"What do you th..."
He kissed me. Slowly. Still puzzled, my brain's refusing to register this. It doesn't help that the radio starts playing an inane song. 'Do I want this? Or not? I thought I always did but - stop thinking, woman!' It's been just two seconds and my mind's racing away as if to catch the Virar fast. 

He looked at me. Intense eyes. It was a conversation alright.

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