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This has been a busy day (and very tiring because of zero rest over the weekend and then an offsite yesterday) but I'm stealing a moment to post these yummy photos.

Originally from Turkey, 'baklava' is a sweet pastry with layers of filo, chopped nuts and a sweet syrup to hold it all. I thought I won't eat more than one small square of it, seeing how rich it was. But I was wrong. :-/
Anyway, just thought I'd share these photos that I clicked on a friend's Canon EOS 70D. This was shot indoors but no flash was used. Really nice camera, but oh-so-heavy to lug around.

My kinda 'House' music!

I'm in love. With this man. And boy, is he talented or what!
Hugh Laurie's two albums are fantastic. And this coming from someone who isn't into this kinda music. It's raining outside as I type this... Perfect weather to curl up at home and listen to these gems.

And those eyes! Le sigh.


Missing Mangalore

I've always loved Bombay/Mumbai. Being born and brought up here, it's part of my identity, my DNA. But of late, this city has made me question everything around me. I am forced to throw away any rose-tinted glasses I may have put on. Let's face it. Mumbai is extremely burdened. And it pains me a great deal. And this realisation only hit me last year.
My folks have now moved to our native place, South Canara (or Dakshin Kannad). Mangalore, as it's normally referred to even though it's technically not Mangalore city. Anyway, back to my point. I visit at least once or twice a year. Usually, I can't take more than four days of being 'home'. I would miss the Bombay pace and feel like something is missing. Socialising there meant attending five weddings, two funerals, a house-warming lunch, and going to church. Electricity could sometimes be a pain and one would struggle to get a few bars of connectivity on the phone. I'd feel trapped and wait for the days…