Tuesday, July 15, 2014


This has been a busy day (and very tiring because of zero rest over the weekend and then an offsite yesterday) but I'm stealing a moment to post these yummy photos.

Originally from Turkey, 'baklava' is a sweet pastry with layers of filo, chopped nuts and a sweet syrup to hold it all. I thought I won't eat more than one small square of it, seeing how rich it was. But I was wrong. :-/

Anyway, just thought I'd share these photos that I clicked on a friend's Canon EOS 70D. This was shot indoors but no flash was used. Really nice camera, but oh-so-heavy to lug around.


2 Replies:

amasc said...

The pictures are lovely but you're right the Canon is a heavy beastie. I got myself a backpack to carry it in because I was getting neck pain from a shoulder slung bag but it does take very, very pretty images. Also, yes, it's impossible to eat just one piece of baklava no matter how hard you try.
I hope you're recovering from your tiredness.

Sharayu... said...

These days, I am loving everything Turkish. Their food is so rich and yummy! Your pictures here are so delightful. I am longing for Baklava now. :)

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