Sunday, January 30, 2011


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This is the tweet and the ensuing responses that made me write that previous post:

The responses:
@rohanbabu: remember, your career is in YOUR hands. you decide what YOU want to do with it. take some time off and think :)

@RachitaVaid: u need ice cream! Breathe gal! This shall pass too...

@cyber_junkie: should expand areas of expertise and explore

And my favourites of them all,

@shawnlewis: come paint with me :)

@the_realale: it's not work pressure! Maybe the universe is conspiring to make you a travel writer.

Thanks, guys. You really cheered me up a little on a miserable day.

And finally, a big thank you to @girishmallya who has been my guardian angel, punching bag, sounding board and friend all rolled into one.

Twitter rocks because of people like you.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

A case of the blues

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I'm not whining or being philosophical... But trust me, the last few days have only confirmed the fact that corporate life is shit. At the end of the day, what are you going to do with it? 

We spend most of our lives in cubicles, behind a desk, in front of a screen. Or attending meetings or getting on a conference call. Throw buzz words around as if they mattered... 'paradigm shift', 'leverage', anyone? Try multitasking sometimes with success and sometimes failing miserably. Juggle Excel and PowerPoint files. Write emails. Receive emails. Copy a zillion people on those emails. Conduct wars virtually.

Sometimes, we procrastinate. Either out of boredom or choice. Or lured by other addictions like Facebook and Twitter (ah!). Or check airfares and daydream about that next holiday you were meaning to take.

Whatever it is, I've been wondering why the hell am I doing this day in and day out? There are people out there who have managed to change all this for themselves. Someone talked about a 4-hour work week. I kid you not. Then another chap lectured on why the office is the worst place to work. And what made me even more depressed was the fact that there are people and families out there who travel all the time.

Sure I'm not denying they haven't worked hard to be where they are. But here I am... wishing and wondering what it would take to change *my* life. For the better. I was never ambitious as a person. All I wanted to be was a teacher (not that it isn't a challenging profession but you know what I mean). But I never planned and somehow, I am where I am today. Grateful, yes. But happy, hmmmm... not sure. Maybe in doses. Very small doses. 

I've always loved interacting with people. For me, they've never been "numbers". I've been fortunate to have been part of many circles right through school, college, youth group, work days... and more. I took/take to social media and networking really well. I believe the world is a really small place and I have many real examples to confirm that. I also believe, it's important to give in order to receive. But give irrespective, without hoping to receive. And that's why I've been blessed with so many well wishers. The friends and acquaintances that came as part of the journey are just an added bonus.

Turning my life around will take some *doing*. Not so much 'thinking' which I'm accused of doing a lot. Time to get out of contemplation mode. Time to take control. Time to live!
I was never in the rat race. Because at the end of the day, no matter what, you'll still be a rat.

(Image above: Me contemplating in Cochin. Clicked April 2010)

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