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A fine line

There's a fine line between joking with someone and targetted harassment. Never forget that. 


Things to do when a wave of sadness hits you...

In no particular order:

# Listen to some upbeat music and sing your favourite lyrics out loud.

# Or just DANCE - even if you have two left feet like mine. Here's my current jam:

# Think of parents, family, friends, just about anyone who loves you - pretty much unconditionally.
# Read old, funny IM conversations you've had with your favourite people. Like the ones I have with Lo and DC... So much entertainment! (Thank God for search functionality within chat apps)
# Check out the Instagram 'Explore' tab and discover interesting people and their feeds. Some of the super accounts I follow: mumbaipaused, marsder, petesouza. Go, check them out NOW.
# Dream of Japan. (Insert your own dream destination.) # Count your blessings. Be grateful. EVERY DAY.
# Pray. Without an agenda. 
That's all I can think of for now. It's well past 4 AM at the moment. Signing off with this uplifting (?) thought that I found in some forgotten folder of my laptop...
Peace/XO, ~j~