Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Getting older (and hopefully, wiser)

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Birthdays, I tell you. They creep up on you. Just like that. But hey! I'm actually not feeling anything about getting older this year. :) 

CPK's Red Velvet Cake. Delish.

As for my day yesterday, it was the usual. But we (family) did go to California Pizza Kitchen in BKC for dinner. I've been there a few times before, and the menu's just about alright. The only reason we went there was we didn't want to travel all the way to Bandra West or Andheri West during the peak traffic hours. And of course, for the red velvet cake. It is delicious. For a pizza place to be excelling in something else... haha! But you have to try it out. I quite love it.

So, another year goes by. Kris assured me, "you aren't getting older, you're just getting better". 

And then when I was being silly, RB reminded me, "oye champ! sometimes i get inspired by you to live the "good life". age is just a number, remember? ;)"

Phone calls, texts, emails, WhatsApp conversations (even a group renamed to wish me), Facebook posts (I don't list my birthday anymore) and a bunch of tweets kickstarted by my madcap friend, DeeSee, who very sweetly remembered the date inspite of being in a corner of China. 

People called and sang over the phone (Thanks, DD+family and Divi) and my favourite 2-year-old in the world not only sang for me, but also promised to make me a "green cake". Chocolates and wishes from colleagues. Blessings and prayers from my parents and elders and the love of many.

With family and friends like these, how could I not be thankful? I truly am. And feel wonderfully blessed and strengthened to take on another day/week/month/year.

*hugs the universe*


PS: I'm probably the last one to discover this... Google (when you're signed in on your birthday) shows a birthday doodle on the search page and links to your Google+ account. Cute. And thanks, Google!

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