Thursday, August 25, 2011

Wake up, and smell the coffee!

The exhaustion from all the Sunday packing and shifting has taken its toll - been rather low and under the weather since the weekend. This morning was a real bitch... Imagine waking up with a pinched nerve in the leg! The pain was unbelievable. Add to it the fact that the home Internet connection has been disconnected and I'm grumpy about that. Now imagine living without the www!!! 

I mean, I barely get home around 10-11pm, have dinner, take a shower and sleep. The television remote is not under my control, and everyone gets pissed off if I stay up late to watch something that I want to. You see, the light (and not just the sound) from the TV disturbs everyone. So I've given up on most of my TV-channel-surfing. The Internet is my only saviour for any entertainment! But now, even that has temporarily betrayed me. Using my phone's GPRS is a solution, but trust me, once you get used to tweeting/facebooking/emailing/etc using a wifi connection, life's not the same. Worse, my phone does connect to the wifi signal, but strangely never works. 

Cappuccino, blank pages, a pen, music while waiting at CCD
On Tuesday evening, I happened to leave office at the dot of 6pm. I was a bit irritated that the two meetings scheduled that day had to be cancelled. Plus I had managed to be at work on time that morning inspite of reaching home only around midnight and then just clocking four hours of sleep on Monday. So, I left office and decided to gallivant someplace. Out of the blue, a friend called and said he was passing by the place I live, and would like to catch up. Excellent! 

After fixing the spot and time and braving traffic and a crawling train, I reached the coffee shop and waited for a bit for the friend to show up. He did turn up and that conversation over coffee lasted for almost two hours. There was a lot of pent-up anger about something I had blogged vaguely about a few months ago, and I was able to explain to him why I felt what I felt. Considering he was familiar with the whole story, I felt quite relieved to just have someone listen to me, and not offer advice for the sake of it.

That evening has accelerated my heart's healing process. And while I know it's still not that easy to let go of some people, some emotions, some memories... I will still be able to move on a little.

Thank you for coffee and the conversation, friend.


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