Wednesday, August 31, 2011


So I gallivanted from Borivali to Bandra today. I had an off because of Eid, and besides a family engagement in the morning, I had pretty much nothing to do. Spending a couple of hours at HyperCity was a good idea while I waited for a friend to confirm if we were to meet. 

Armed with a bagful of home essentials, I headed to Bandra. Much traffic later, the rikshaw dropped me off at the friend's place. The idea was to drop my stuff there and then grab a cup of coffee and those fast-disappearing jelly squares at Candies. And we did end up going there. 

Which is when the floodgates opened.

The friend is married with a child. And felt her husband was adding to her own insecurities. "I'm fat" kept getting thrown at me when I was trying to explain to her that she isn't fat. Was desperately trying to tell her that just a little belief was required in her case. She refused to accept any view or advice. Her severe body image issues got me thinking. Is it really *that* bad in the world? What legacy are we leaving our children? It's pretty scary to just see how a friend who has been the epitome of self-confidence can also fail miserably. Another thing that bothered me is her marriage. What kind of foundation is this? Your husband feeds into your securities and you blindly just allow that to happen??? I was unable to do much except offer a listening ear.
Should I be glad I'm not married?

#ABC POSTCARD 31/31 :)

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Lobotrix said...

:) well I have a colleague who had a difficult pregnancy and many dreadful months after the baby was born. Yet, every time she would come to meet us she would assure us that she is trying to lose weight and is working on loosing weight and give her a few months and she would be back to her original figure. None of us ever asked her or mentioned her weight but she felt the need to explain herself. I think this whole fixation of super yummy celeb moms, there is added pressure on mothers to look good.

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