Saturday, August 13, 2011

Gimme shoes!

Last evening, I visited the spanking new Infiniti 2 at Malad West. Yet another gigantic mall which houses international brands, a food court, the fancy Manchester United Cafe & Bar among other things... It's still not completely operational, so it was empty on a Friday evening. After a bad traffic-filled ride to the mall, I caught up with girlfriends waiting for me and ended up burning my tongue sipping on a hot cappuccino from Gloria Jean's.

Now these women had already finished all their shopping. Between the four of them, they had bought SEVEN pairs of shoes. Now, I couldn't be left behind, no?

So, on our way out, I insisted on popping in to the Charles & Keith store on the ground floor. It also helped that they were having a flat 50% off on footwear. While I tried a few styles, I realised most of the stuff I liked were sold out in my size or *slightly* big for me. Damn you, feet-in-between-sizes-39-and-40!

Anyway, I did pick one pair: a faux snake (or is it croc) print in tones of brown with flattish wedge heels. Comfy! For 1000 bucks, not bad at all (pic later). And two more pairs were purchased by the girls, taking our total to TEN between the five of us. Ah well!

By the way, I did try on a pair of black, metal studded, high heeled wedges and the pain in my right ankle/foot was a bit too excruciating to bear. Phew!

PS: Hope you got why my post is titled as above. ;)

PPS: Overdose of shoes on this blog, no? Sorry!


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