Saturday, April 02, 2005

postcard from j: home truths

for a long time now, i've been thinking, nay, contemplating moving out of my parents' know, all that jazz about being on my own two feet, learning to live and fend for myself...

yes, it sounds rosy, but the emotions and decisions that go with the whole idea are clouding my mind. parents don't seem to think its a particularly good idea. which parent in india would? In fact, ma says that if i want to move out, "you should get married and go, and do whatever you want." kinda silly response, if you ask me. i've come across many of my friends who are thinking on the same lines, yet it is so difficult to just up and leave. physically, mentally and emotionally, it is unnerving. plus the whole rigmarole of finding a place, having to fork out the moolah for it, and then sticking to your guns no matter what can be a major letdown.

at first, i couldn't even get myself to voice aloud what i really wanted...i was beginning to despair that i'm never gonna have a space to call my own...that it would all remain a distant dream. till i displayed the occasional flash of brilliance. i told ma that i wanted to "invest" in property, and that i had seen a cute little place which was in the same locality and it was not very expensive and that i could afford it with a home loan...and, whew! just got it all out from my system. felt good. and ma? she thought it was a good idea.

so, atleast now, i can imagine, with a degree of reality, of a space to call my own, being on my own two feet, learning to live and fend for myself..

cheers to that :)

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Thakkar said...

Yeah J, can see this post. Your settings are wotking fine...
And dont worry too much with the hassles of moving out, from what little I know of you, you'll do just fine... and every1 deserves a bit of bachelor(ette) life. A room where you can splash things and colours the way u want, a small Cul-de-sac. Go for it..

best wishes,

~j~ said...

thanx a ton, thakkar!

bablu said...

I'm staying away from my parents and mind U its tough to fend for urself. But life's not easy; you gotta stand up and be counted. Right. All the best. Cheers !!!

Srinath Rao said...

by the grace of god I have had the privilidge to have a space to call my own however I would never ever contemplate staying away from my parents.. I feel staying with them is a great satisfying experience & an experience to cherish all ur life.. not many get to do that JC.
I will pray that u find a place of ur own but make sure ur parents move there with u. that will make both u & ur parents happy & satisfied..
just a friendly advice backed by personal experience..


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