Monday, January 25, 2010

Seven-year itch?

About 4-5 days ago, on January 20th to be precise, I accomplished a milestone of sorts: seven years of work experience. And on January 8th, I had completed three years at my current workplace which has been my single longest tenure anywhere.*

I'm not a job-hopper, mind you. First job: 1 year, 8 months. Second: 2 years, 3 months, 23 days...

That's not so bad, right? But as I completed my third year at Company no. 3, I heard a little voice inside that's asking me to get out and do something. Something new, different, creative, wild even. No, that didn't include looking for another job. But more on the lines of a "sabbatical." Our parents' generation would shudder at the idea of one after "only" seven years of working. They probably don't even know the "s" word exists in the dictionary considering their long-serving stints working at one and the same place.

So, am I taking a longggggg break? Hell, no! Not at this stage at least. But I yearn for change. And definitely a change of scene. A change of heart. Change for the better.

And what are the changes, one may ask? For starters, I am going to pursue two goals - travel and photography - with more dedication. Second, I have got to spend less and save more money in order to fulfill the above two goals :)

Yes, it is the seven-year itch... but an itch to live more fully. To quote a Twitter friend's advice: "Live!! Because the wind still blows; because the rain still falls; because it's never too late; because someone still cares; because you want to."

Wish me luck, folks!


*PS: Forgot to add that these three years have been challenging, yet extremely enriching. Thanks to NA and the rest of the team for making it worthwhile. Cheers!

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