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Goan food fest

I'll post a few photographs of Goa soon. Till then, here's a sample of the food orgy this sunny state has to offer.

Sigh! I want to go back for the food alone.

P.O.A. = G.O.A.

Time flies. Last week at this time, SV and I were making a mad dash to the airport. We were heading to Goa! And boy, were we late! 
I had had a crazy three days prior to that Thursday at work, and didn't have much time to pack. Heck, I didn't even have time to get my eyebrows done. And that day also marked the civic elections in Mumbai, so I had to exercise my franchise amidst getting a zillion things done. I was busy on my laptop sorting out work email from home (I was officially out of office on 16th and 17th + the ensuing weekend) and trying to ensure I could leave with my sanity intact. Finally, just after noon, I rushed to vote, and silently started panicking seeing the long queue at my polling booth. Just before my turn, I received a text from DD telling me to have a good break... How thoughtful! 
The finger inked, I rushed to the one place I hate but can't avoid - a 'beauty' parlour - to get my eyebrows done. More rushing. Lunch was a blur. And guess what? …


In a few hours from now, I - with a bunch of mad friends - will be in sunny Goa. This is my first trip there as an adult, hence a lot of excitement. Unfortunately, this has been a crazy week with sudden stress. And now we hear that a friend who was supposed to join us can't as his grandma passed away today (Rest In Peace!).
Anyway, we can't do much to change this now as tickets were already booked. We'll miss you, J. Really.
See you on the other side.

Read: Zen Habits

If you're looking for some quality reading, here's a recommendation: Zen Habits.

Leo  Babauta is the brain and soul behind it, and his writing is simple to understand and inspirational.

Do give it a shot.

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