Yes, I admit it. I'm a lazy blogger. And while chatting with Lo, my old college friend, I also realised we are growing increasingly dumber thanks to the world wide web. (No offence, Internet-jee! I still love you.)

So, Lo and I have decided on a contest of sorts. She will start (finally!) a blog, and I will force myself to update this one. And we will take on the challenge of doing 31 posts in August 2011 - can be one per day, or all in a week. The idea is to post regularly. Topics are open, and there are no word limits. Poetry, photography, random scribbles - all allowed.

Oh, and the winner gets a prize too. Details on that later.

Wish us luck, won't you?

PS: I wrote this in less than five minutes. *kicks self*

UPDATE: Lo has created her blog, so hop over and check it out. Also, Di decided to join us in our August campaign. So yay!


Divi said…
Oi, Would it be okay if I took up the challenge too? Sounds fun.
~j~ said…
Oi, Divi! You're most welcome to join the party. It will be fun. Come along.
~j~ said…
Thank you, Daniel-san :)

When are we meeting for that beef burger in Bandra?

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