Sunday, January 29, 2006

postcard from j: tagging along

Tagged by a visiting blogger and also by my good friend Ranju (the smart girl that she is... she tagged me on Y!) , here's my list of eight points that I want in my dream man:

Target: Male (but obviously... )

1. A great conversationalist and listener.

2. A terrific sense of humour.

3. Good table manners and general etiquette.

4. Has to be a foodie; Must love pani-puri or atleast support my love for it.

5. Should be kind to children and get along with my friends (no two ways about that).

6. Must be thoughtful and remember birthdays/anniversaries and make them special without being materialistic.

7. Must love walks and drives. And atleast a bit inclined towards books, movies, music and/or cricket.

8. Finally, he should be intelligent enough to make love to my mind.

Asking for too much, eh?

PS: Hafta squeeze in one point... He should know how to jive so that he can teach me to... !

3 Replies:

inverted moron said...

But perhaps achievable I guess.
Visited ur photo blog too. gr8 start!

Ranju said...

Agree with some of those.
And you know what my list will have :)

Darth Midnightmare said...

*Sigh*. Is that a 'tick any 1' thingy? ;-). C'mon, which other guy could have all these? And even 'The Complete Man' doesn't like children. :-)

- M

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