Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Time to get creative!

There was a time when I took the trouble to 'make' stuff like simple greeting cards and bookmarks or recycle things. Like the one time I made a funky pen stand out of half a coconut shell. Or little boxes out of old greeting cards (really easy to make). Over time, being busy or lazy stopped the creative juices from flowing. 

So, I've been thinking of reviving the arty-crafty side of me. Over the past few days, I made little birthday greetings on plain paper inked with a black marker for colleagues. These could be pinned to the softboard, so they weren't made like typical cards. I can't draw to save my life, so stick figures work for me. Also, I'm quite fond of doing the block lettering. [Psst, it forgives uneven writing.] :-)

Today, I made the following greeting for a colleague from a small sheet of paper, a black marker and colour pencils.

The basic sketch done in pencil first, then outlined with a fine tip marker.

Final look created using regular colour pencils.
Will try and post some ideas often. As always, feedback is welcome.

3 Replies:

Lobotrix said...

this is awesome J. Christmas cards?

~j~ said...

Thanks, Lo.
Yes, I really want to make Christmas cards. Hope to find some time and focus to work on ideas. There was a time I'd scribble Christmas symbols all over my notebook corners. The spirit is missing now though. :(

Please share some easy art-craft ideas too.

xyzandme said...

Ah reminded me of the days where I used to draw such things for my ex.. in a torch light hiding away from my parents :p

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