Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mumbai Tadka: Vod-a-phone!

Ages ago, I had planned on a Mumbai Tadka series where I would post snatches of conversations heard (overheard really) in and around this city that I love and hate in equal measure. Of course, with laziness and age (getting old = poor memory :P) setting in, I just let that idea go.

Until this morning...

I was on my regular train commute to Goregaon in the peaceful first class ladies compartment. Annoyed by Vodafone's failed GPRS connectivity, I fished out the book I've been reading (Advaita Kala's Almost Single) when all of a sudden, I had to look up at this lady yelling into her phone.

I don't know what she was angry about but she kept telling her caller in jhakaas Marathi that he/she can go take a hike. And that she didn't want to be part of some celebration. She went on to say that if it were her, she'd distribute chilli powder instead of cake. Ok, whatever! But boy, was she mad!

All the other ladies couldn't help stealing glances at her but she wasn't bothered at all. Phone rings again and she tells this caller that she's just not interested in discussing it any further. And then suddenly, she goes:

"Arre, Rajjo! Do-teen acchha sms bhej na.... Bahut time se bheja nahi tu ne sms. Fraandship-wala! ."

I didn't know where to look :)

2 Replies:

Achala said...

j, i demand a translation!

~j~ said...

You don't speak Hindi??? :P

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