Monday, September 17, 2012

Say cheese to this baby!

Guess what just went on my lust list? THIS:

Buy the Polaroid Z2300 at the Photojojo Store! 

This Polaroid Z2300 is "a digital camera that makes sticky backed instant prints at the push of a button."

Now if anyone is feeling generous, please buy this for me! Along with extra sets of the paper for printing, of course. :)

Hope your Monday was not too manic. 


3 Replies:

BombayJules said...

Oh wow I love a high tech Polaroid!!

BombayJules said...

Doohhhhh!!! It is a Polaroid....I thought that company was dead!!

di said...

Are you any closer to getting this? Let me know. I'm so tempted as well.

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