Tuesday, March 12, 2013

March-ing on...

Hello, hello! I'm back on the blog after two months. In fact, I had almost forgotten about this space... Most of the time away was spent on a project that took me out of Bombay on New Year's Day - an all-confusing (at the start) and then an all-consuming assignment which involved a university cricket tournament. BUT all rants aside, I learnt a great deal during this time - operationally and from a business perspective - and made some new friends in the process. It was just a first step in a new direction for me on the work front. So let's see where it goes. 

Physically, I can feel the exhaustion and stress of the long hours put in taking its toll on me. Add to it, an erratic sleep cycle and the weird moods of the Bombay summer. And what have you got? Me writing a blog post at close to 3:00 AM!

Meanwhile, some notes from my last two months:

- The boys from Jain University, Bengaluru won the inaugural University Cricket Championship. I had the pleasure of interacting with most of them (and seven other teams) on that January trip. Such a fun bunch of cricketers. And I won't be surprised if some of them make it big in the Indian cricket scene at the highest level. Yes, they are *that* good! To know more about the event, check out www.ucc.in and here's a special tete-a-tete with the eventual champions.

- Speaking of Bengaluru or Bangalore... I had the absolute privilege of seeing a legend in flesh and blood, RAHUL DRAVID, on 23rd February 2013! One of Bangalore's most adored sons and also happens to be my all-time favourite sportsperson. Boy, was it surreal! We were on the same ground breathing the same air for quite some time. I was speechless. 

- Rahul also appeared last weekend on Achievers' Club - on Star World - where he was interviewed by actor Boman Irani. Watch it! That's an order.

- Food blogger Kalyan Karmakar, a.k.a. @finelychopped on Twitter, is organising his second food walk in Bombay (April) - this time around the eateries of the Fort commercial area. For details, click HERE. Kalyan's first food walk took us to Bohri Mohalla and I was glad to be walking and eating alongside. I will try and upload the photos I've clicked from that evening soon. (Where's the time?)

- I need to make time for a zillion things (foot massage/pedicure, health check-up, exercise plans, travel itineraries, planning gifts) and for meeting a zillion people. In fact, DD's Writing Bus re-appears this Saturday after what seems like ages. Which means I need to first exercise my brain for the writing homework that has been assigned.

Ok, that's it from me for now. I have a couple of blog posts in my head (as always) and my to-do list never seems to end. On that note, I will call it a night.


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