Monday, May 30, 2005

postcard from j: my cooking (s)kills

life is what happens when you're busy making other plans!

my folks had gone to mangalore for a family function. and me? i couldn't take leave from work due to an all-important project that was underway. so, here i was - all alone (except that sherline stayed with me so that i didn't die of boredom) in the city of bombay. what fun!!! or so i thought...

i was eagerly awaiting this opportunity. made elaborate plans to:
(1) have the girlfriends over for a session of gossip and glug-glug-glug
(2) catch a late night show of a good movie
(3) clean out my cupboard and sort all the junk that i proudly own

...and lots of things. but did i do any of this? no!

i realized that i had to get back home after slogging at the office and keep home spic and span. worse, i had to cook. my nightmare come true! so, lunch was usually some stuff rustled up by the canteen-wallah but dinner became an all-consuming affair. add to it the bombay humidity and its not a pretty picture in the kitchen :(

what did i cook? m.e., a graphic artist in my company, gave me some recipes for quick-fix meals. i would come home armed with bread, vegetables, a bottle of sprite, snacks (just in case the cooking turned into a disaster)...and set to cook post 9:00 pm everyday. posting two recipes here:

(a) bread upma: really easy to make!
heat a lil oil, put in chopped onion+capsicum+tomatoes+tomato ketchup+any masala and let it cook.
cut bread into small pieces and put into the above veggie mix. stir well to coat bread pieces.
ready to relish!

(b) masala rice: best made with leftover rice
in a pan, heat oil. add diced potatoes+salt+turmeric and/or garlic.
sprinkle turmeric+dhani-jeera powder+red chilli powder on rice. add a hint of lime juice+sugar.
add rice to the cooked potatoes and allow it to cook.

some stuff i also made: lady finger (bhindi), mushroom ka sabzi, maggi atta noodles (must try)...

i sincerely hope that sherline, gaynelle and sharon ate well while they were at my place. they are all hale and hearty, so i need not worry!

moral of the story: thank god for mothers!

6 Replies:

Arun said...

Why wasn't I given any of the FOOD to taste..........??????

Not fair......!!!!!!!!!!


Une Femme Folle said...

hey wow!! when can I come over to your place then? :D

~j~ said...

@arun - just thank your stars that you're alive and kicking. i say that's fair. LOL

@hima - you're welcome anytime! the folks are back; its a shame that i never got to do anything adventurous. ended up working like a dog :(

Darth Midnightmare said...

Hmmm.....can't say I know anything at all about cooking! As you so rightly put it, "Thank God for mothers".....

By the way, read your post about men....know what? You really should read my views on "understanding women".....When it comes to women, all I can say is, "In Mars We Trust" (the title of my series of posts on women) :-)

Drop by sometime....


Angshuman Sarkar said...

Nice writing. And very eloquently written as well! Easy and flowing ...

Achala said...

when are you coming out with your mangalorean recipes?!!

mango flavoured curry...drool!

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