Monday, November 21, 2005

postcard from j: bangalored

Just back from a much needed break (only to wish for another one again - sigh!). Its funny how vacations can get taxing too! Bangalore was my first stop, so here are some sights and scenes of the Garden City...

At Tipu Sultan's Palace

An interesting monument, though no longer as large as the original structure, Tipu's Palace has lovely woodwork and design in some places. I particularly liked the painted floral motifs on some walls, ceilings and corners.

Meeting Ranju in Bangalore was definitely on my agenda. She made sure I visited her two favourite places - The Biryani Merchant, a cozy biryani stop and Corner House, the ruling dessert spot.

DBC @ Corner House

For reasons beyond me, she wanted me killed, and suggested the Death By Chocolate (which I did tuck into... quick review: didn't like the peanuts they so generously sprinkled on the chocolate cake - vanilla ice-cream combo). But Ranju obviously had no idea about my monstrous appetite ;)

Since we (my friend Sherline and I) were in Bangalore for only three days, we had to pack as much as possible into our short stay. Met some of our friends - I met an old classmate of mine after three years and an online friend (who I got to know through Ryze and who helped prearrange bookings for a cab and a good hotel.

What else did we see? Check this out:

Bangaloresaurus "Live" At Visvesvaraya Industrial & Technological Museum

The dino and the museum, in general, just reminded us of our childhood. Oh to be seven again!
We also shopped a bit. Recommendations:

* Blossoms, treasure trove of used books ~ I actually got a copy of Susan Faludi's Backlash and some other books for really good prices. (I know you must be laughing about me book-shopping on a vacation, but trust me, Blossoms on Church Street is not to be missed at any cost for any serious bookworm).

* Vijayalakshmi Silks & Sarees ~ Even though I don't wear sarees, I ended up buying two for mommy dearest and one for a friend. They had this range of printed imitation silk sarees, which I really liked - looked like silk but didn't cost a bomb! This one's on the happening MG Road.

* Cauvery Arts & Crafts Emporium ~ Recognized by the Indian Government, this huge store stocks almost everything that spells Indian art and craft. A bit steeply priced (with VAT and all), its only advantage is that it is 100% genuine. My picks: sandalwood souvenirs, cute dolls dressed in Indian finery, wooden toys, a tiny bronze Ganesha as a friend's birthday present, incense and one bidri-work bangle for moi. Again, this one stands impressively on the intersection of MG Road and Brigade Road.

From Bangalore, we made our way to Mangalore, the land of my ancestors. On this trip, I've clicked more than 550 photographs. Some will be put up on trip-related blog posts and most of the others will find a place on a photublog someday... Wishful thinking, I know!

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Srinath Rao said...

hey JC,

I am sure u had a gr8 trip..


wooster said...

aiyo! saarees from bangalore..aa!? ammas from chennai are goying to be mad yat you!!

but the whirlwind trip sounds like fun :)

Anonymous said...

Hi J,

The icecream is sooooo tempting.....


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