Wednesday, July 26, 2006

postcard from j: a deluge of memories

Someone forwarded these pictures of the deluge last year! No, this is not to depress you, but to serve as a reminder of what we Mumbaikars have had to deal with - crumbling infrastructure, insensitive governance and a beaten spirit.

We can't blame Nature's wrath for everything, can we? Let's be sensitive to our surroundings now. Contribute to a clean and green Mumbai for us and our children. You don't have to join politics to make a difference. Just remembering NOT to spit out of the train/bus window, teaching your child (and adults too) NOT to throw that sweet wrapper carelessly on the streets, and by NOT being blind to our fellow citizens.

Live and let Mumbai live!

1 Replies:

dxb prasad said...

j, send some rain here. v hot n humid right now. wil do wit some cool blessings dropping from heavens.

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