Tuesday, November 15, 2011

On my mind...

So many things:

Desperately need to hire talent. Good Great talent. People who can write... Write well. Without silly mistakes. Grammatically correct sentences. No typos. Relevant punctuation.

Find my life's calling. Or have I found it already?

Travel. A bit of a distant dream at the moment, but need to plan and figure this out for 2012.

Write. Nay, attempt serious writing. About experiences, work, business, social media, my observations. Too unsure about this.

Travel *and* write?

Get going. Make the time. Take a leap of faith.

Get rid of the exhaustion.

Meet more people. Learn from them. Look for alternatives. Turn those crazy ideas into actual concrete plans.

Words swimming in my head. And these words need to become actions. Strong actions.

No apology. No regrets.

2 Replies:

Anubha said...

I think, taking a leap of faith will do you good. All the best :)

~j~ said...

Hey Anubha, thanks for visiting my blog. And for the wishes too. :)

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