Thursday, March 08, 2012

How to save the world

Friday. That's when most corporate rats rejoice at the prospect of the end of a work week, or rather at the lure of a two-day weekend. Sadly though, that was not even on my mind. I was upset about something at work that's just refusing to come together.

And then all of a sudden I happened to glance at a retweet (i.e., a tweet that's been 'forwarded' to you. You may or may not follow the original tweeter in this case.) by @manimeow which caught my attention. It said "14. And yes, don't forget to giggle ;) #MyNotesOnWorldSaving". Intrigued by the hashtagged phrase, I clicked on it, and it turned out to be 14 points by @NilimDutta with his thoughts on how to save the world. Some very pertinent notes. They made me think, made me smile, and more importantly, made me want to focus. Here they are...

Finally, he added...

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