Friday, August 17, 2012

The 'fast' lane

Hi there! This evening, I'm off to Mohammad Ali Road and its environs for the annual food extravaganza during Ramadhan. Here are a couple of old posts I had done on the experience in the past:

My first trip ever: Fasting, Feasting

Last year's iftaar tweet-up: Eat Street.

And Fast Food - a favourite photo of mine (not from a technical perspective, but for how it eventually turned out with its limitations).

Today, I'm accompanying a new group - most of them known via Twitter - to the southern corner of the city. It's Friday night, and I'm expecting it to be a bit crazy with the crowds. So, let's see how it goes. Will try and update this post on Monday or so. Not tonight or the weekend because I'm off to Kolad for an overnight 'adventure' trip tomorrow. I was supposed to take it easy this week, but the social engagements have just been piling up one after the other since Monday. I really need to learn the art of saying NO and managing to still keep all friendships intact! Hope to survive.

Do take care of yourselves (this should be a #note2self) and have a great weekend. :)


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