Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A little sunshine

The heavens opened up last Friday (and also earlier that week) and created the usual havoc that Mumbai gets to face. But hey, most of our city's problems are man-made. Nay, let me rephrase that. Most of the problems here are BMC-made. 

The ensuing wet-wet-wet weekend didn't really dampen any of my plans thankfully (watched Man Of Steel and hogged away with friends) but this morning as we drove to St. Michael's Church, Mahim for Day 2 of the annual feast novena, I spotted the sun trying its darndest to break through the clouds. Such a wondrous sight!

And as I type this in the afternoon and look at the brightness outside my work window, I say: I'm grateful for the rains but THANK YOU FOR THE SUNSHINE TODAY.


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