Monday, January 02, 2017

2016-2017: Musings

Damn, the year has flown by!

Now where have I heard those words before? Yeah, that's pretty much what we say EVERY December as the end of the year approaches. But it felt a bit different this year for me. I was busy in phases, and the last three months were incredibly slow - at least it felt like that. So do I hate 2016? Umm... not completely.

For starters, it brought about the birth of my niece (and godchild) - a tiny miracle that left me weeping when I first laid eyes on her. She has turned our world upside down and changed us as humans. How can someone so little have so much power over the rest of us? Even though she's far away in another country now, just a glimpse of her on video calls or her photos brightens the dullest days. A blessing like no other!

I lived all by myself in patches during the year. And it was fine for the most part. But after the niece and the rest of the family left, I had a tough time by myself. I went back to being an insomniac - and this time, neither television nor social media could help. They probably made it worse.

Don't get me wrong. I do like my space and solitude. I enjoy being alone. But this time, it was strange, and made me a lot sadder than any other time. Maybe having a baby in the house - and then her absence - does that to you.

Work was okay. Nothing to tom-tom about - unlike the previous two years - or even cry about. Same old same, but it did leave me wondering a few times where I'm headed and if I should consider other options.

Health was the biggest #fail of 2016. I had every intention to kickstart a diet and exercise routine, but NOTHING happened. Except for that one week where I decided to go on this 'keto' diet and lost a kilo. A whole freakin' kilo! An ex-colleague was doing the keto diligently to get leaner and boy, there were some stunning results. Of course, it helps he isn't particularly unfit in the first place. Keto focuses on a high protein/fat and zero carbs/sugar diet - which is all good until your energy levels go south and you start feeling like shit. You get moody (and imagine a woman having another reason to have mood swings!) and your mind plays games with your stomach. So that spiralled out of control in December and with all the weddings I had to attend, "Diet, be damned!" became my life's theme for some time.

Cut to January 1, 2017. A new day, a new week, a new month and a new year set to unfold. And while I'm a bit stressed out on the family front this week, I am ready to give this year a shot. I'm promising myself to get health on track. Small steps.
  • Eating healthy by eliminating carbs and sugar slowly
  • Cutting down on junk/beverages
  • Getting fresh air and enough sleep
  • A brisk walk everyday and then adding other exercise or yoga to it
And then there's these three things that I must do at all costs:
  • Read
  • Make
  • Give
Finally, two pictures will sum up my past year. These are apparently my best nine photos (based on likes) on Instagram in 2015 and 2016. See the reduced number of posts for the latter? And also, the kind of posts? In 2015, travel to the UAE dominated the feed, while in 2016 all my yearning for Japan crept up in my posts (Sample this: Japanese Lantern Festival, MUJI store in Mumbai, throwback posts to time spent in Japan!).

That's it. I don't have much to say. Hope to return to a bit of blogging this year and report on health goals. Have a wonderful 2017, guys! Let's make each day count.

Warmest regards,

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