Saturday, April 15, 2017

BEST Interview Ever (and Happy Easter)!

"Your true life exists in between the period of time where you stop being an ass and something kills you. That's your life, and I just started my life."



Honest, candid, thoughtful and positive! These are the words that first struck me after listening to this superb interview of John Mayer by Talia Schlanger. And I've listened to it twice already. Ms Schlanger did an outstanding job of conducting this with class. The questions and prompts were smart and effective. And the best part is she handled some of the obvious done-to-death talking points with such sensitivity that even JM surprised us and himself at the end to round off the perfect interview. 

Set aside 35 minutes and press 'play' below to listen:  

I have so many favourite bits in it! Listing a few here:
On being asked whether he's nervous about his parents hearing 'In The Blood', he goes "Nah!" followed with "A good song explains its own existence."

JM reading the lines from 'In The Blood' as per Talia's request and his laugh at her reaction. Priceless. (And gosh, what a brilliant track this is!)

Q: "How did you get over that?" A: "Just die and come back to life."

"I was like, "Got it. Let me just go take a breather, I'll see you again, I'm gonna go disappear for a minute, get my head together" and repaired it and came back and it's like — I've never had more fun in my life playing music. I've never had more fun in my life. And I'm glad I had the experience of growing my hair long and walking around drunk in New York City and no one bothering me. I got to have some years that I didn't get before. Like Bill Murray says, "Everybody's an ass for two years when they first become a celebrity," but I didn't do my two years until later on."

On fame: "I realized that it doesn't fit me to be any bigger than the music is. It doesn't fit."

Love the stories behind how/where these two songs came into being: 'The Theme from The Search For Everything' (Christmas Day/Joshua Tree) and 'You're Gonna Live Forever In Me' (In the shower:"hard-typed on an iPhone with wet hands").

THE poem that kicked off his seventh studio album 'The Search For Everything' (which JM originally posted here by the way). Beautiful words!
Show some love to Ms Schlanger and Mr Mayer, will ya? 
Can't think of how apt the timing of this post is... It's Easter weekend. A time for new life, new beginnings and positive vibes. John Mayer is turning his life around and inspiring me on so many levels. I really hope all those vultures outside his door will now move on and get over their obsession with JM's personal life.

Here's all the music from his latest venture:

Happy Easter, folks. May you be successful in your search for everything!

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