Sunday, February 13, 2011

Wanted: Friend

The 2011 Cricket World Cup looms over my head... and the last couple of months have been exhausting and frustrating.

Work is understandably hectic. I don't mind slogging away even if it means putting in 12-15 hours at the office with another 2-3 hours for the daily commute (Bombay traffic has become insane!). Home has become a hotel room. I walk in at night, only to find the lights out, everyone asleep, and then stare at a cold dinner to be microwaved. Finally try to sleep for barely five hours (six or seven, if I'm lucky). Back to the grind. Rinse. Repeat.

What makes it worse, there's no one to talk to about my day. Except maybe for this one friend over GTalk or the occasional SMS or via Twitter.

Which friend? Ah, someone who brought (brings?) sunshine to my life, and ensures I stay spirited. Until now. I know expectations can kill relationships. And maybe I'm just over-reacting. But I need the attention now more than ever because I feel like I'm just drowning with all that's going on.

So dear friend, if you're reading this... PLEASE understand why I'm behaving the way I am. Could do with a few hugs, you know :(


PS: All the stress has now taken shape of a slight cold, an annoying cough, a sore throat, an itchy stye in my right eye, an erratic period for the last month (almost thought I missed it). And mood swings. And tears are my only counter for everything right now. Yes, I'm putting it out here because I want to.

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