Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dhaka Diary: The Cup That Counts?

For those who didn't know, work took me to Dhaka, Bangladesh just in time to kick off the 2011 Cricket World Cup! Here are some (backdated) notes from that 4-day whirlwind trip... (16-20 Feb 2011)
Koffee with me!
My first day in Dhaka was spent mostly on absorbing the chaos of this city and then meeting the team I had put together. We met at Coffee World, and once there it felt just like a coffee shop back home. In the midst of introductions, pleasantries and finally work-related briefing, I ordered for a cappuccino. Not bad. But I told the guy to make it a strong one as I intended to get back to my hotel and work for some time.

As it turns out, here I am... replying to a barrage of emails and having multiple conversations on IM. To make matters worse, I had managed only 2.5 hours of sleep before leaving home. And now, I'm wide awake because of that #$%&;*@! coffee. Good luck to me!

Back at the hotel, the staff kindly brought me some dinner even though it was well past their serving time. Quite an array as you can see from the barely lit photograph alongside.

The Dhaka team seems alright. O and A, the guys, seem quite intelligent and enthusiastic. The girl, N, is also quite excited about the project at hand. But I keep reminding myself that I mustn't get over-friendly, or they might just take me for granted. 

Right then, back to work.

PS: That #$%&;*@! cappuccino was excellent, by the way. I'm not a big fan of strong coffee, but this cuppa just felt awesome. It surely was the "The Cup That Counts" for me!

PPS: Must. buy. mosquito. repellent. Aaaargh, these bloody suckers!

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