Sunday, April 22, 2012


Here's yet another one of my spur-of-the-moment projects: bookmarks

You may recall my posts on the lovely writer's group that I've been part of recently. For that first meet in Thane, while I was burning the midnight oil over my assignment, I thought why not make something with a personal touch for everyone as a little token of my appreciation. And what could be better than bookmarks, no?

Now, it was really late that night. So I didn't have much time to ponder over the look and feel of the bookmarks. I decided to make them of plain - but slightly textured - paper along with polka-dotted red ribbon to go into the punched holes. While going through my notes from the Kala Ghoda Travel Writing workshop, it made sense to jot down learnings from it on the bookmarks. They'd serve as reminders of the insight we gained and the fun we shared.

See some pictures below of those bookmarks (click on them for a larger view):

1. Folded the paper sheet sharply and wrote the text at intervals

2. Cut up along the folds, punched holes, threaded the ribbon

3. Stopped to take stock

And voila! Here they are!
Need to rack my brain over what to work on next. Birthday greetings and bookmarks are done. Now what?

Thanks for reading.

PS: Happy to report that a lot of the people did like these simple bookmarks.

3 Replies:

Lobotrix said...

Paint a mug/plate

krist0ph3r said...

i like! they are indeed nice!!! would love to hear the stories behind some of those lines too :)

~j~ said...

@Lo: Painting mugs/plates is a bit much. Plus I like working with paper. :)

@Kris: Thank you! Did you read my posts on the travel writing workshop? Stories will be shared when we meet. :)

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