Monday, April 30, 2012


I rarely recall my dreams. Encouraged by @krist0ph3r who asked me to blog about the one I tweeted about (see above), here are the details: 

We are seated in one of the 10th Standard classrooms of my school. No uniforms. My best friend in school, P, is also there. Strangely, I can't recall any other 'faces' or 'names' but it felt like everyone was attending. We were definitely there to study. Definitely not a reunion. P says that now with her child (a son), she's not sure how regular she'll be at class. While I, the single one, am quite enthusiastic about studying again.

Suddenly, I notice my bag/books are actually missing. Even my mobile phone is not there. Thinking that I left it somewhere on the school premises, I leave the classroom.

First, I go and meet Ravi - the school watchman. He doesn't know a thing about any bag or books or phone.

So I walk up to the chapel, which used to be the library during our actual school years. And then I spot something that looks like a phone at the base of a religious statue (again, no idea whose statue but it was wooden and sunshine had directed itself to its feet). As I pick it up, I realise it's not a phone at all but a part of a phone or toy phone (like a screen). Strange. I pick it up quickly as I start to hear voices. So I stay put and wait quietly in the shadows. They don't know I'm there. A boy and a girl. Students. Standing there. A couple? Not sure. And a nun has also arrived. Lecturing them about something. I can't really hear their words. Were they caught red-handed? But I get the vibe that they are just friends.

That's it. I can't remember anything else. I'm sure there are hidden meanings in them, especially in the chapel incident. The whole I'm-single-so-I-can-do-whatever-I-want theme is so blatant though.

A penny for your thoughts, Kris?

3 Replies:

Lobotrix said...

You have no idea how nostalgic I just got. I have so many memories of the lending library...i knew the exact placements of most of the books in the Literary section! And the bookstore? (sigh!). I just couldn't get enough of it!

krist0ph3r said...

a beautiful dream. dreams are a mix of memories and fantasies, and they just come together so beautifully. i haven't been able to interpret any of my dreams so far (indeed, i haven't even tried seriously), but i've dreamed something on these lines too :)

~j~ said...

@Lo: Thanks for the comment, even though it was meant for the other post. :) I miss college too.

@Kris: Dream analysis is quite interesting. Sometimes, the symbolism in dreams can be intriguing. Once, I dreamt of playing basketball with someone who's had an on-off friendship with me. Think I have it saved in an IM conversation somewhere.

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